No open positions suitable for you?
Send your CV and our HR-manager will contact you, if we open the vacancy.
Recruitment Process
  • You send us your resume. Our HR-specialist views it and submits for consideration of the PM. Then she coordinates the date and time of the interview and makes an e-mail invitation for you.

  • You come to us for an interview with the PM and HR-manager. At this stage, they are introduced to you and validate your skills and abilities. You are given the opportunity to express themselves in a positive way.

  • Congratulations! You are hired! On the first workday you are filling out the form, meeting with the staff and learning the internal rules of our company. The trial period is 3 months, but it will be reduced if your work is productive.



Our office is located in close proximity to the business and administrative center of Kharkiv. There is a private parking for cars and bicycles. For employees there are a spacious kitchen, lounge, shower. The building has installed air-conditioning systems, security and fire alarm.


English Classes

Our staff can take the opportunity to improve their language skills. The company provides the English lessons with experienced teachers and native English speakers. Classes are held for free in groups of 4-5 people, two times a week. There are also individual classes as required.



Our company is characterized by a busy schedule, so we pay special attention to active joint rest. At the end of the working week it is often carried out night games (board games,consoles, darts, table tennis). Also there are periodically organized joint trips to the cinema and the cycle races.



The most significant event of the year is celebration of the Birthday of our company. Usually, there is organized joint holiday with departure on nature for one or more days with beforehand a prepared program. Other important event is participation of our employees in championships of football IT-league.


Training Groups

Novice developers are allowed to pass a three-month training in a group under the guidance of a mentor. They come to the full-time and train with patterns of real projects. The trainees are paid salary. At the end of the trial period, they begin to practice with real projects.


Healthy Lifestyle

Our company tries to take care of the health of employees. Therefore, discounted membership gym cards are offered for buying. There are organized basketball and football teams which are actively involved on championships of IT-leagues.